It was the proverbial ‘finding a needle in a hay barn… not a haystack’, that was the level of challenge that we placed on PRO when we tasked them with sourcing and filling the role of our Chief Technology Officer, for City Science.

We realised that we were asking the impossible, as the CTO position read like a dream listing of professional skills and personal attributes – A visionary CTO who could help us map the business, undertake software and architecture developments, as well as be an inspirational leader to the wider team… someone that would help us ‘shape’ not only the immediate, but also our long term future.

PRO immediately identified that a candidate of this caliber and with this level of skills and abilities would most likely be found within the top roles of the banking investment field. Which immediately placed further challenges on the placement, as wage expectation and the need to relocate suddenly became two serious parameters that would need to be managed very carefully.

However, even when faced with this momentous and growing challenge, PRO delivered.

They identified and engaged with a suitable applicant, with a background in algorithmic development in the banking sector. They negotiated a remuneration package that met with the applicants and our own needs, factoring in a significant reduction in the individuals wage. Plus they also managed all the expectations of a full relocation process for the applicant and their family to Exeter.

Literally, no rock was left unturned and our expectations on all fronts were not just met, but surpassed time and time again. After our experiences with PRO, I don’t think we will ever use the term ‘impossible’ when it comes to our recruitment needs.

Glenn Woodcock

CEO of City Science (Exeter)